Sewer & Septic Issues

Saksham Plumbing | 17-10-2016

Sewer & Septic Issues

Sewer and Septic Tanks require regular maintenance just like the plumbing systems and drains. With time, the waste material gets accumulated on the sewer and septic tank walls and can result in Soakaway problems. These problems result in high damages if went unnoticed or unattended and can be easily detected through the following symptoms:

1. Overflowing Toilet: Do you encounter the issue of overflowing toilet very frequently? This could be caused by a clogged or jammed Sewer or Septic Tanks and needs your immediate attention.

2. Sink Drain backing up to Shower or Tub: If you ever notice the water backing up in your shower or bathtub when you empty the sink, it means that the water from sink is not being directed to the drain properly and this can be due to a sewer or septic tank issue.

3. Gurgling Sounds From the Drains: When you hear any gurgling sounds from the drain, get your sewer and septic tanks checked as these sounds are caused when the drained water is not easily passed through the drains and the drains are starting to block.

4. Overflow at the Washing Machine Drain: The drain where your washing machine’s outlet pipe is hooked on should never overflow. If this happens, then it is an indicator that the runoff water does not have enough room to flow through the drain and could be a symptom of a sewer or septic tank issue.

5. The toilets flush slowly: It is a time to be alarmed when your toilets flush slower than usual as it could be a result of some sewer or septic tank blockage.

These symptoms can be caused due to a number of reasons such as sewer and  septic tank leakages, blockage etc. Hence, it is recommended that the sewer and septic tanks be cleaned at least yearly to keep them working smoothly and to avoid any resulting issues. 

The three main reasons of home sewer and septic tanks backup are:

1. Clog: The first and foremost enemy of any part of the plumbing is a Clog. These can occur anywhere and result in various other plumbing issues. To prevent a sewer and septic tank blockage, never use the toilet as a waste basket. Items such as diapers, facial tissues, sanitary napkins etc must never be flushed down the toilet. 

2. Sewer Line Leakage or Broken Drains: Older homes had cast iron pipes for plumbing and drainage which may corrode and crack or collapse over time. Any large breakage can be a way in for debri, causing a clog. Hence, it is advisable to get the pipings for sewer and septic tanks be checked for leakages at the time of their annual cleaning and maintenance. 

3. Tree Roots: As the trees in the area near the drains of sewer and septic tanks grow, their roots can grow into the drain pipes and create blockages and cracks. Even though the trees might not be in the immediate vicinity but the drains must be checked for the same during the annual cleaning.

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