Guide to Install a Sump Pump

Saksham Plumbing | 07-04-2017

Guide to Install a Sump Pump 

This how-to video shows an effective way to combat basement flooding by installing a sump pump.


  1. Set the sump basin upside down on the basement floor, and mark its outline on floor.
  2. Use a demolition hammer to chop through the concrete floor.
  3. Dig a hole sufficiently deep to set the basin flush with floor.
  4. Wrap the sump basin with filter fabric.
  5. Set the basin in the hole.
  6. Add several inches of gravel to the basin.
  7. Lay stone paver on top of the gravel.
  8. Set pump on top of the paver.
  9. Connect check valve and PVC pipe to pump. Then, run a pipe up a nearby wall.
  10. Drill a hole through the house wall with a hole saw.
  11. Continue PVC pipe through the wall and extend it to the outdoors.
  12. Mix concrete in a trough using a hoe.
  13. Fill the concrete in around the basin top, and smooth the concrete with a pointed trowel.
  14. Plug in the pump, then test it by filling the basin with water.

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