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  • Why Slab Leaks Are Dangerous


      A minor space in the direction of the water flow leads to its seepage or leaks. Most of the time, these leaks go unnoticed until a major destruction happens. In this post, Saksham Plumbing, specialists in turnkey plumbing solutions, will discuss about the most common and most unnoticed water leak location: slabs What do you mean by slab? Here, slab doesn’t mean a kitchen slab. It is the base of the ground where the whole house is erected. This slab is not placed underground, but on the ground level. It can easily be seen if you have a basement or underground parking. If the water starts to seep through th

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  • Facing low water pressure issue?


      Plumbing is an integral part of any building, may it be residential or commercial. Due to regular use, we often face issues with the system. Most common of them are the leaks and foul smell. Other plumbing issue that most of us face in our day to day life is of low water pressure. This is equally frustrating but can be identified and resolved. Let us see what the probable causes of low water pressure are. Identifying low water pressure Determine if all locations within your home or office have low water pressure Check all the faucets at your home or office to see if all of them have the same issue or there is an

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