Water Leak

  • Calculating water wasted from leaks


                         Leaking Faucet                        Leaking Flush                      Leaking Showerhead Well the water that is leaked and flows down the drain does not actually vanishes from the water cycle. This water returns to the water table and needed to the treated again for use. We can say that the leakage is the biggest reason for the loss and yet not subjected to any law except for regulations from local authorities like RWA. The lea

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  • What are the do’s and don’ts in case of a pipe leak.


    Pipe Leak and Leaky plumbing cover a great spectrum of plumbing related issues varying from small easily manageable minor leaks to major leaks that require expensive repairs. It is always recommended to attend to leaks no matter how small as soon as they are discovered so that they don’t lead to major issues down the line.  Some leaky plumbing issues are visible such as a leaky faucet or a pipe leak but the major concern issues are the hidden leaks, the water leakage that occur behind the walls and the cabinet, as these are not easily caught and only come to light after there is sufficient damage to the str

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