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  • 3 Common Plumbing Issues in the Bathroom.


    Bathrooms are an integral part of homes, They serve lots of purposes, from the start of the day to the end. The fittings in the room must be properly maintained to keep them running and free from many issues. At times we tend to ignore minor issues until they become major ones and bring our life to grinding halt. In which case, you might need advice from plumbing repair service specialists like Saksham Plumbing. Here are some common plumbing issues found in our bathrooms.  Leaks and drips A leaking pipe, a dripping faucet or a shower head, all call for prompt attention before they lead to serious problems other th

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  • 3 Nerve-racking Plumbing Issues in New Houses


      As we move into our newly constructed house, everything looks so fresh and clean. The new paint, furniture, latest appliances, shining bathrooms and organised kitchens; everything moves our heart. The last thing we expect at this moment are the issues cropping up in electrical or plumbing fittings that not only wreck our nerves, but leave a hole in our pockets. These issues are backed by numerous factors; inexperienced builders, second rate quality material or only carelessness on the part of the builder. The foremost reason for these plumbing issues is the low quality material of fittings and installation. These

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      Have you ever noticed some unusual sound or odour in your house that makes you anxious and has you feeling that something is not right? You may right to feel so. The smell or odour are alarms indicative of a mishap waiting to happen. However, with timely precautions and action majority of the incidents could be controlled simply by taking alerts seriously and dealing with them accordingly. Identifying these does not require much technical intervention, whereas ignoring them can lead to big losses. Few things you can watch out for have been listed below. Sound Any unusual sound from the plumbing that you can easil

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  • Sewer & Septic Issues


    Sewer and Septic Tanks require regular maintenance just like the plumbing systems and drains. With time, the waste material gets accumulated on the sewer and septic tank walls and can result in Soakaway problems. These problems result in high damages if went unnoticed or unattended and can be easily detected through the following symptoms: 1. Overflowing Toilet: Do you encounter the issue of overflowing toilet very frequently? This could be caused by a clogged or jammed Sewer or Septic Tanks and needs your immediate attention. 2. Sink Drain backing up to Shower or Tub: If you ever notice the water backing up in your sh

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