Drain Cleaning Services

  • Importance of strainers on the drains


      You must have come across a situation when suddenly your soap slips down the drain or you occidentally lost your ring down the drain or the junk that has moved down the drain has clogged it which has made you rush for the emergency plumbing services at odd hours of the day. A simple solution that could help you avoid all such types of situations is the use of strainers on the drains. In this post, we will see how we can get the benefit of the strainers at different drains of your home. Strainers are a genuinely cheap and effective solution to so many problems that experts of turnkey plumbing solutions like Saksham

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  • Clogged Drains? What you should and shouldn't do.


    Clogged Drains become a menace more often than expected. Many a times, even after being cautious, you may end up with a clogged drain. Certain items such as dirt, food, hair, soap, lint etc might find their way to the drains sometimes. They cause clogged drains when start depositing and mostly the clump and clog the drain pipe bend. While this may seem an avoidable occurrence, the effects it can have might be disastrous. Clogged Drains not only result in overflowing drain water but can also lead to the leakage in pipes or fixtures which can add up to infrastructural damage. Hence, it is safe to say that every time a drai

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